Planned Gift

A “planned gift” is a gift from your estate. It could be a bequest in your will, a charitable gift annuity, a paid-up life insurance policy, a charitable trust, a personal residence or farm, or other personal property including appreciated stocks, or an over-funded retirement fund or IRA. Depending on the type of gift, the donor would benefit from charitable tax deductions, possible estate tax savings, and may even draw income from the gift during their lifetime. It is important to consult your personal financial advisor, your attorney, tax accountant, or trust officer in order to maximize the benefits of the charitable gift planning and conform to all state and federal laws.

The most common “planned gift” is a bequest from your will. There are several ways to make a bequest. This can be done as a percentage of your estate, the remainder of your estate after everyone else has been taken care of, or you may set a specific bequest amount or asset. You may also designate or restrict to support a specific program. If you already have your will prepared, you may add a “codicil” to your will stating your additional charitable intent.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

This is a lasting way to remember and honor a loved one, friend, co-worker, or recognize your care provider or a department at Regional Health Services. When we receive your gift, an acknowledgment card will be sent to the person or family being honored. The amount of the gift will not be disclosed to the individual or family. Memorial gifts may be designated for a particular area of the hospital or to the general unrestricted fund. To make a gift, please include the name of the person or people you wish to honor or memorialize, and the name and address of anyone who should be notified of your generosity. For your convenience, a form may be found under the section, “How to Make a Donation”, on this website.

Matching Gifts

Many corporations and businesses sponsor matching gift programs. This is a great opportunity to involve your employer and co-workers to support a service or meet a need at Regional Health Hospital Services.

Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted contributions are solicited throughout the year and during our Annual Fund Drive. These gifts are used to meet immediate needs.

Designated Gifts

You may choose to support a service in which you have a special interest or one that has an immediate need. You may also designate your contribution for a specific project, program, or to improve the facilities at Regional Health Services Hospital Services.