Any portable computer with wireless card capabilities can access the Internet within the Regional Health Services hospital facility.

How do I connect to the network?
  1. Regional Health/Hospital Services has wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) access.
  2. Check to make sure your wireless Internet/Wi-Fi software and card are correctly installed and powered on.
  3. Open your web browser.  You should see a welcome page that says, “Welcome to Guest Internet Access at Trinity Health”.
  4. Review the “Terms of Use” agreement on our welcome page, click “accept” to confirm your acceptance, and you are ready to surf the Internet.
What do I need to access the wireless network?

You need a laptop or a PDA equipped with a Wi-Fi compliant 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet card and a standard web browser.

Having difficulty connecting?  Here are things to check . . .
  • There may be a few areas where no wireless is available.  Move to another area and try again if you think the wireless network (Wi-Fi) is not present.
  • Ensure that your SSID is set to “GIA”.  Refer to your Wi-Fi card manufacturer’s instructions on how to set the SSID.  If you are using Microsoft Windows XP, the setup process is usually automatic.
  • Ensure that WEP encryption is disabled and authentication is set to “None”.
  • Make sure that the connection is configured for INFRASTRUCTURE mode.  (Note:  Ad-Hoc mode will not work.)
  • If any changes were made in steps 2 through 4 above, restart your computer and web browser.