Regional Health Services of Howard County and City of Hope Coordinated Cancer Care Alliance

Regional Health Services of Howard County (RHSHC) is collaborating with oncology specialists at City of Hope (formally Cancer Treatment Centers of America®), in Zion, IL to offer advanced oncology care to area residents diagnosed with all types of cancer. Patients will receive coordinated care from both RHSHC and City of Hope clinicians. Clinical telemedicine services will connect patients via real-time videoconferencing to City of Hope oncologists in Zion for regular visits close to home.

Services Offered

Below are some of the combined services available to RHSHC oncology patients.

  • Hematologic oncology
  • Medical oncology
  • Radiation oncology
  • Surgical oncology
  • Gynecologic oncology
Treatment options:
  • Infusion therapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Targeted therapies
  • Immunotherapy
  • Clinical trials
  • Precision cancer treatment
  • Integrative care
Diagnostic evaluations:
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Laboratory tests
  • Genetic and Genomic testing

How Telemedicine is Delivered

Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance using telecommunications technology. The RHSHC and City of Hope Chicago telemedicine program connects medical oncologists and other healthcare professionals with patients at Regional Health Services of Howard County, using a secure system, which includes a video screen and camera, allowing for access to top-quality specialized clinical cancer care close to home.

Benefits of Telemedicine
  • Immediate access to medical specialists
  • Closer to family and local support systems
  • Less time off work
  • Less time in hospital setting
  • Less time in the waiting room
  • Reduced transportation time and costs

We work with patients newly diagnosed with cancer or those that may be looking for a second opinion on their cancer treatment. Reach out to us to learn about how you can receive chemotherapy and infusion care right in Cresco. To schedule your appointment or to learn more, call 563.547.6696.