E-Z (FROZEN) Meals

Regional Health Services of Howard County
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What are E-Z (FROZEN) Meals?

A nutritionally balanced meal prepared under the supervision of a registered dietitian. They are packaged in freezer meal bags to be stored in your freezer.


Meals are easy to heat in a microwave. Just remove from bag and place on/in non-metal plate or bowl. Cover with a paper towel. Place in microwave. Heat meat for three minutes, vegetables for two minutes, and potato for three minutes.

Who is eligible?

E-Z (FROZEN) meals are available to those individuals who are unable to prepare meals due to health reasons.

How frequent are they available?

Meals are prepared as ordered. Up to two meals a day, noon and evening, up to seven days a week with once a week pickup by client, family or friend.

What about special diets?

Special diets are available at no extra cost. Low sodium, calorie-controlled, diabetic, bland, low fat, low cholesterol and pureed diets. Just ask!

How much do they cost?

E-Z Meals are not government-subsidized. The charge per meal is $4.50.

What is in E-Z Meals?

A nutritionally balanced diet that includes meat (or hot dish), potato or bread, vegetable, dessert and/or fruit.

How do I start?

Just call 563-547-2101 and ask for the Dietary Department.

This program does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, mental or physical handicap, and political or religious beliefs with regard to patient admissions, services, or employment.