RHSHC has the Latest in Radiography Technology

Medical technology is constantly changing.  In the world of radiology, what was once really good is now even better and available at Regional Health Services of Howard County (RHSHC).  “Computed” radiography (CR) is now “digital” (DR).

Computed radiography put x-ray images on the computer, allowing them to be sent electronically.  An x-ray is processed through a “reader machine” placing the image on a computer where it was sent electronically to a radiologist to interpret the x-ray.  This technology was very exciting for rural healthcare facilities because of the speed and efficiency in which images are transferred.

Digital radiography eliminates the “reader machine” processing step and improves workflow in the department.  DR uses detectors that are inside a flat square plate, which basically is a computer, that directly transfers the images to the computer screen.  The flat plates come in various sizes:  one for a chest x-ray, one for the x-ray bed when the patient is lying down, one for the portable x-ray machine, and a smaller one used in the isolette (crib) for newborns.  Most of the equipment in the Radiology Department was retrofitted from CR to DR, which is a cost-saving factor.  DR detectors have become more portable, wireless, lighter in weight, and less expensive.  The benefits of digital radiography include:

  • The portable x-ray machine is used during surgery so the physician can immediately see if a bone is set right or the pin is properly placed.
  • With the upgraded technology of DR, patients and technicians receive half as much radiation exposure as with CR.
  • DR improves image quality.
  • DR decreases patient exam time and has a faster turnaround time for physician review, which is especially helpful in emergency situations.

DR technology is not yet available in all healthcare facilities, but it is available in Cresco at RHSHC.  In the constantly changing world of healthcare, RHSHC makes every effort to be progressive and efficient with optimum patient care, technology, and services.

RHSHC is a not-for-profit health care organization with the primary mission of offering high-quality, acute health care and preventative medical care in a caring and compassionate manner serving Howard County and its surrounding areas.